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Cappo family in front of Christmas Tree

Victory Automotive has 50+ locations in ten states representing 14 of the best automobile brands. Both of Cappo’s sons, Eric and Michael, are now involved in the daily operations so Cappo is able to stay close to his family, despite crossing the country frequently to monitor the business. His thirteen-year-old twin daughters are even part of the business now, promoting some of the stores in television commercials! Although the footprint has grown dramatically, it is still a family-owned and operated business and Cappo is still on the sales floor every day doing what he loves: taking care of customers.

While Victory has grown to become a large organization that customers can count on for all of the sales and service needs, those who buy from Victory are always pleasantly surprised at the level of personal attention they receive, including the fact that the owner might just greet them at the door!

Great People
Making up the Victory Team

Trust. This one word represents what we strive for. We’re not asking you to blindly believe us – as we’re happy to work hard to gain your trust. And once that happens, you can begin to experience the advantages that Victory Automotive can offer you. Because when you fully trust your car dealer, the entire process becomes easier.

Our staff is filled with car people – working here is more than a job to us. The folks that work here do so because they are passionate about the car business. And being “car buffs,” they have no trouble answering your questions, whatever they may be. Go ahead, try to stump them – but don’t expect to succeed.

A Part of the Community

Victory Automotive is more than just a business in the community – we are part of the community. What we mean by this is that we care about the area we serve and the people in it. That’s where the trust comes in again, as we consider ourselves your neighbor and hope you feel the same way about us (provided you like your neighbor).

While there’s no doubt we can help you out with the new and used car or truck that you are looking for or provide the car services you need, our reach goes further than that. We love to be involved in the lives of our community members. And being that our staff lives here in the community, we’re really all one big family. So if you have a non-profit or community involvement program that you would like to see us involved with, let us know about it. Don’t be shy – we’re all in this together.

Victory in the Community

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