Our Little Victories Across the Country

From major contributions to the University of Michigan Athletic Program to the sponsorship of hundreds of golf outings, baseball teams, charity events, auctions and more, Victory Automotive Group put its money where its mouth is.

If your organization is looking for a long term philanthropic partner; a place to hold a meeting or event; a quick contribution; or simply some manpower, email your request and comprehensive details to philanthropy@victoryautomotivegroup.com or you can fill out the form to your right and we will get back in touch with you shortly. 

We invite you to scroll down to briefly read about some of our recent philanthropic endeavors. We take great pride in each cause we support because, in the words of the Ancient Greek Fabulist; Aesop, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." We believe that each act of kindness affects the relationship and the greater community. We strive for this type of interaction with each and every client we work with. Here's to another "Little Victory" every day!

Want to partner with Victory?

Ocean Honda and Victory Automotive Group are proud to support Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre and its production of The Nutcracker.

Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre and its production of The Nutcracker

The Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre, a non-profit 501c3 organization, invites everyone to experience the amazing production of The Nutcracker on December 6 - 8, 2019, at Carmel's Sunset Center. MPBT will also be hosting an arts outreach for local youth with a Friday morning dress rehearsal performance on December 6th, 10 AM.

Supporting the Congenital Heart Outcomes Program at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan

A letter from the Congenital Heart Outcomes Program:

Mr. Cappo,
Thank you for the amazing gift to the Congenital Heart Outcomes Program here at Mott. 
You truly are an amazing man and we are grateful to call you a true Victor for Michigan. You helped us raise over $100,000 to study our Little Victors who are living with Congenital Heart Defects.
Thank you for all you do, Mr. Cappo. I hope knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of children currently living with and those soon to be born with Congenital Heart Disease, brings a smile your face and warmth in your heart.
Happy Holidays Mr. Cappo and thank you for all you do for Michigan and the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

"The Victory $250,000" Supporting Operation Homefront & Military Families

In 2018, Victory Automotive Group committed to the initiative of supporting America's military families through the "Victory 12,000" challenge. Between July 1 and Labor Day weekend, Victory Automotive Group Owner Jeffrey Cappo challenged the company's 40+ dealerships nationwide to sell a total of 12,000 vehicles in just 65 days. Additionally, Victory Automotive Group donated $250,000 to Operation Homefront, the national nonprofit that builds strong, stable, and secure military families so that they can thrive in the communities they've worked so hard to protect

"Victory Automotive Group is more than just a business in the community - we are part of the community. We care about the area we serve and the people in it, and there is no better way to give back to our community than to help the men and women who have done so much to protect us," stated the Cappo family.

Donors like Victory Automotive Group and its customers enable Operation Homefront to provide relief, resiliency and recurring family support programs and services throughout the year to assist military families. "We are thrilled to have been selected by Victory Automotive Group to be a beneficiary of their philanthropic efforts this year," said Brig. Gen. (ret.) John I. Pray Jr., president and CEO of Operation Homefront. "Clearly, the entire Victory Automotive Group team shares our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of those who have done so much for all of us and their support will allow us to help military families have the opportunity to thrive in the communities they have worked so hard to protect."

The Victory Program at Country Day School in Tampa, FL

The Victory Program positively affects many lives on a day to day basis. We are proud to support such an important program for so many hard working families. Watch the below video for a glimpse as to what the program offers and read this letter from one hard working parent to the operator of the school:

Dear Mr. Gillette, 
I'm writing to let you know what a huge difference the Learning Lab has made to our son, George, so far this year. In February of this year, when George was in Kindergarten, we noticed that he was having some major learning difficulties in school. He could not remember his letters or numbers no matter how many times or in various ways he was exposed to them. We had him tested and found out that he has Visual Processing Disorder (he couldn't follow or track with his eyes) and also Dysnomia (trouble remembering things and storing information into his working memory). 
So for the remainder of his Kindergarten year we hired a wonderful Reading Specialist and an Occupational Therapist to work with him daily, and I also worked with him at home. I am a former elementary teacher and my husband is a tutor so we felt we would be able to give him all that he needed to bridge the gap of becoming an emergent reader before he entered first grade. As time went by, the amount of work he was doing each day in school and then therapy on top of that was becoming too much for George. He was starting to act out and also became aware that he was not keeping up academically with the other children in his class. He started to feel like he was inferior and would say that he was stupid and couldn't do all the things the others did. Even with all of the positive praise for his efforts and successes he was aware and very upset by his difference in learning and acquisition of letters and numbers. 
We were worried about how to proceed for the following school year. We knew he shouldn't be held back and also knew that he wouldn't be able to be in a mainstream classroom at Country Day as his two older sisters were. When I was told about the idea of a Learning Lab and what that would entail for George, I was beyond thrilled at the idea. This way, George could be in a room with other children who need multi-sensory lessons and it would be built into his school day so that when it was recess, lunch, STEM (which he excels at), and Art, etc., he could still be with his peers. It also helped us financially because now most of his therapy was included as part of his regular tuition, which is a big deal for us as we have four children, three of which are in private school. And he wouldn't have to leave Country Day, which has become such an important community of teachers and families to us.
Now it is mid-October, and George is thriving in the Learning Lab. In just a couple of months, he has made huge strides in his processing skills and his acquisition of letters and numbers. He is reading phrases and choosing reading as his down time activity. He writes checklists at home and is willing to read to me at night, which he wouldn't do before. Most importantly, though, he has gained his confidence back. He knows he can do anything if he puts forth the effort needed. He is happy and feels comforted having peers he can relate to. He calls the teachers and kids in the Learning Lab his "peeps." We know that academics will always be a challenge for George during his school years, but to begin to learn this way in such a positive environment is a wonderful foundation for him to become a life long learner, which is so very important to us.
Without the Learning Lab and the careful and thoughtful guidance of the teachers there, I'm not sure where George would be. I am so grateful for your efforts, Mr. Gillette, to make this program happen. I don't know of any other private school in the area that is willing to help their students with learning differences to the degree that Country Day has done. In my experience as a former teacher at a prestigious private school in the area, students have been counseled out of school to go somewhere where they have other resources. 
This is such a unique experience and we feel very very lucky to be a part of it. Thank you for taking care of our Georgie and helping him know what a smart and capable boy he really is.
Warmest Regards and Appreciation, 
Sarah and Shane B.

Support of Marycrest Manor

Dear Mr. Cappo,

On behalf of the Carmelite Sisters, staff and especially our residents, I again extend our heartfelt gratitude for the gracious support over the years to Marycrest Manor. There are so many parts of our campus that are filled with evidence of your generosity. Support is truly a blessing to us. May God reward you abundantly.

I just wanted to take a moment to update you on our latest project to which you have so graciously donated. We were able to fix the elevator that had blown its motor and is now operable for the time being. We will continue to keep you informed of the project progress in which you are so generously invested.

Please rest assured that all the Carmelite Sisters remember you and all those you care for in our daily prayers. May God's blessing shower abundantly upon you.

With warmest personal regards,

Sister Mary Clare, O.C.D.
Marycrest Manor Administrator 

Victory Honda Hockey Teams & The Victory Ice Center

Victory Automotive Group is proud to sponsor multiple youth hockey teams in the Southeast Michigan region. Specifically, the Victory Honda of Plymouth and Victory Honda in Monroe dealerships are the main sponsor for these teams. The Victory Honda teams have proven to be very successful over recent years including winning the Michigan State Championship Tournament. 

As of 2017, the Victory Ice Center is open for the benefit of the Victory hockey teams, local high school teams, and is open to the public with ice time available to all. We continue to support initiatives to allow children, teens, and adults to experience the joy that comes with ice skating and participating in activities at our Victory Ice Center.

Support of Toys for Tots

In 2017, over 19 of our dealerships participated in the nationwide Toys for Tots campaign, which is put on by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to collect new, unwrapped toys each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign was conducted. They do this to spread a message of hope to less fortunate children all around the U.S. We couldn't be happier to join up with them and share in the spreading of that message!

Together our dealerships collected over 750 toys including a large donation of bikes, scooters, and board games. We couldn't be more thankful to all of our employees and customers for their generosity this holiday season. Knowing how many smiles were brought to kids across the country makes us extremely proud!


Support of University of Michigan's Doctors of Tomorrow Program

The Doctor's of Tomorrow Program is designed by the University of Michigan to stimulate interest and inspire underrepresented minority students to pursue careers in the health field and to provide them with the skill set that will help them to be successful in their educational pursuit. Victory Automotive Group is extremely proud to be able to help fund this tremendous opportunity for young, growing minds. For more information on the Doctor's of Tomorrow Program, click here. Or, watch this video:

Monterey Peninsula Foundation, The First Tee of Monterey County & 2016 Nature Valley First Tee Open

"Ocean Honda, part of the Victory Automotive Group, has had a long history of community giving," said Steve John, CEO of Monterey Peninsula Foundation. "Their contribution to the Nature Valley First Tee Open supports kids in our local community and sets a high bar for local philanthropy. They are a remarkable partner."


Support of Murray Camp in Nantucket, MA

 Victory Automotive Group believes in supporting children referred from social service agencies and their elementary school counselors and administrators.  These identified children, whose families are faced with challenging circumstances benefit by receiving Victory Automotive Group's scholarship funding which provides them with the opportunity to participate in a summer camp experience providing social, academic and physical enrichment.  Providing this early enrichment to these identified children is instrumental in creating a strong foundation and a wonderful gift to these youngsters spirits.  Thank you, Victory Automotive Group! 

Educational Psychologist and Camp Director 
Mary T. Murray


Ocean Subaru of Fullerton will host their Subaru Loves the Earth event on April 26, 2019, opening their dealership to the community for a complementary floral design class, followed by a free, catered lunch.  But what is most exciting about this event is that, following lunch, Ocean Subaru will present a BIG check to the Woman's Club of Fullerton.

Ocean Subaru is grateful for the opportunity not only to be a part of the community, but to serve it, as well. The company gives back to the community through the Subaru Love Promise: a pledge to collaborate with local charities and nonprofits. The Subaru Share the Love event, which ended on January 2, 2019, guaranteed a $250 donation per car to the buyer's choice of four national, and one local, charity. Ocean Subaru chose the Woman's Club of Fullerton to be their local charity because of the club's values and generosity to the local community.

The Woman's Club of Fullerton is truly committed to making a significant difference in the lives of members of our community, and its members are strong believers that to get more out of life, you must put more into the lives of others.

Annual University of Michigan vs. Ohio State University Football Game

Each year, Victory Automotive Group donates 100 football ticket to the caddies of Inverness Club, located in Toledo, Ohio. Round-trip transportation is also provided to the caddies to the Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes football game. The donation is equal parts reward for those caddies who successfully complete an oftentimes grueling golf season and inspiration as to the greatness accomplished through focus, hard work, and determination.