Facebook, Twitter, & You: How to Keep Track of Your Favorite Dealership

I’m going to tell you how to get the chance to save large amounts of money in less than one minute. Go. Go like your favorite Victory Automotive Group dealership Facebook page, now! Go follow them on Twitter. There. That’s it. No complicated steps. No forms to fill out. All you have to do is click a few buttons. 

How does this save you big money? Well, the obvious way would be the actual, cash money, savings that we post on our social media accounts. At times, we put up Facebook and Twitter exclusive offers and the only way to gain access to these amazing offers is to “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter. When we aren’t posting exclusive, social media only, discounts, we’re sharing the discounts that are available on our website. By gaining access to our Social Media, you gain the ability to never miss a deal again.

Another way would be by keeping you as up to date as possible. Is there inclement weather there? The first place we’ll post our adjusted hours will be our social media sites. Did the power go out at the nearest dealership? The quickest way to know would be to see our update on Facebook or our Tweet on Twitter. This will save you, not only money, but also time. If we’re closed and you’re planning on coming in to purchase that shiny new vehicle or service your trusty automobile, the best way for you to find out will be social media. In a world as fast paced as this one, updating social media is the quickest way to the knowledge that you’re searching for.

One, final reason to connect with us on Social Media? We hold contests! Every once in a while we’ll hold a fabulous, Facebook or Twitter only, contest and you can win some really great prizes! Win gift cards to some fantastic places, or a Television, or even tickets to a local event.

Remember, it only takes seconds and there are TONS of reasons to like all of our dealerships' Facebook pages and follow us on Twitter.

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